The Top Songs of the 1990s Quiz

1. Which song was at the top of the charts in 1990, by Bon Jovi?

2. This 1991 hit was performed by Wilson Phillips:

3. Which artist performed the 1992 hit song titled Save the Best For Last?

4. Which song by Janet Jackson was at the top of the charts in 1993?

5. Ace of Base performed which very popular song in 1994?

6. In 1995, Michael Jakson had this top song at the top of the charts:

7. Which song below was performed by Spice Girls in 1996?

8. Which boy band was responsible for the smash hit, MMMBop in 1997?

9. This song by Celine Dion was loved by people of all ages in 1998:

10. Which band was responsible for the hit song in 1999 titled Bills, Bills, Bills?

I'm finished! How did I do?
Here are the results:

Question 1: The correct answer is the Blaze of Glory.

Question 2: The correct answer is You're In Love.

Question 3: The correct answer is Vanessa Williams.

Question 4: The correct answer is Again.

Question 5: The correct answer is The Sign.

Question 6: The correct answer is You Are not Alone.

Question 7: The correct answer is None of the Above.

Question 8: The correct answer is Hansan.

Question 9: The correct answer is My Heart Will Go On.

Question 10: The correct answer is Destiny's Child.

Congratulations! You've got them all right!

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