The Close Encounters of the Third Kind Quiz

1. In what year was Close Encounters of the Third Kind released?

2. Who directed the movie?

3. What emerging comedic actress portrayed "Ronnie", the wife in the picture?

4. What Jaws actor portrayed the film’s main character, Roy Neary?

5. What actor turned down the role?

6. Who wrote the musical score for Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

7. What author called the film "...the greatest science-fiction film ever..."?

8. How many Academy Award nominations did the film receive?

9. What is Roy Neary’s job in the movie?

10. The director credits what cosmic event, as early inspiration for Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

I'm finished! How did I do?
Here are the results:

Question 1: The correct answer is the 1977.

Question 2: The correct answer is Steven Spielberg.

Question 3: The correct answer is Teri Garr.

Question 4: The correct answer is Richard Dreyfuss.

Question 5: The correct answer is All of the above.

Question 6: The correct answer is John Williams.

Question 7: The correct answer is Ray Bradbury.

Question 8: The correct answer is 8.

Question 9: The correct answer is Electrical lineman.

Question 10: The correct answer is Meteor showers.

Congratulations! You've got them all right!

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