The Asian History Quiz

1. The oldest written Chinese documents date back to the Shang Dynasty in which period?

2. China's great Dynasties began to break up during the Warring States peiod. When was the Warring States Period?

3. It was during the Asuka period that Japan became a recognizable state. When was this period?

4. The feudal period of Japan began with the Kamakrua period, when state control was decentralized and ruled by various lords called daimyo. When was this period?

5. The Meiji Restoratio or Meiji period in Japan marked the end of feudal society, the advent of nationalism, and the invasion of several countries. In what year during the Meiji period did Japan first invade China?

6. The first European country to colonize Southeast Asia was?

7. In which year did Malaysia gain independence from Britain?

8. The Vietnamese began a war for independence in 1946 against which country?

9. Cambodia in 1975 was taken over by which group led by Pol Pot, leading to the rise of the 'Killing Fields'?

10. Which country in Southeast Asia was the only country never colonised?

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Here are the results:

Question 1: The correct answer is the 1700 to 1050 BC.

Question 2: The correct answer is 476 to 221 BC.

Question 3: The correct answer is 538 to 710 AD.

Question 4: The correct answer is 1185 to 1333.

Question 5: The correct answer is 1894.

Question 6: The correct answer is Portugal.

Question 7: The correct answer is 1957.

Question 8: The correct answer is France.

Question 9: The correct answer is Khmer Rouge.

Question 10: The correct answer is Thailand.

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