My goal for is to have the best trivia site on the web. I don't have hundreds of thousands of quizzes, but I think you'll find each quiz to be well written, fun, interesting, and even educational. I love trivia, and I'll continue to find great topics for new quiz additions. If you'd like to make suggestions or submit your own quizzes I'd love to hear from you. You can contact me using this form.

About Me

My name is Moritz, and I grew up in a small town in the southern US. There wasn't much to do, and one of my favorite pastimes was playing Trivial Pursuit and other trivia games. I learned how to make websites on my own, and decided to make this site. While there are lots of other trivia sites on the web, most of them accept quizzes from visitors that don't seem to be reviewed. I consider myself to be well educated, and would like to keep this site as high-quality as possible. For that reason, I will consider quizzes if you'd like to submit them, but keep in mind I'll only publish them if I think they're a good fit for the site.